About Ed Ferrigan

Ed Ferrigan Relationship Coach

Ed Ferrigan is a relationship reality wizard, workshop leader and Author of 100+ Ways to Get Back on The Horse. Ed is on a quest to guide singles, couples, and teams to restore their natural ability to co-create belly laughing, authentically delicious, and legend making relationship.

Whether you seek to attract the ideal partner, find more passion, embody more intimacy, or develop esteem enhancing relationship with yourself, clients have expressed gratitude for those results by acting on Ed's real world tested and proven advice of tapping into their own innate body wisdom.

Ed has spent the last 20 years coaching thousands of individuals, couples and teams around embodying their relationship brilliance and has spent an estimated $100,000 under mentors and researchers like Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, John Gottman, Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, and literally dozens of other experts. Ed has a Masters in psychology, certificates in life coaching, certified in the Hendricks Conscious Relationship program, is a facilitator of the EQI emotional intelligence assessment tool, is a certified family constellation facilitator and has the highest designation in the world renowned Somatic Experiencing program by Dr Peter Levine. Ed has dedicated his life to mastering how to have extraordinary relationships and now has created this website to share his wisdom and successes so others can benefit as well.